Advisory board

Anne Mette Stougaard​


Anne Mette Stougaard is a dedicated dentist and oral health communicator. Clinical experience from both private and public dentistry for children and adults in Denmark, Greenland and the Philippines, as well as teaching of dental students, dental entrepreneurship in health tech, and a board member of the Danish Dental Association. Special interests in prevention, digital health and mouth-body connection.

Per Engstrand​


Per Engstrand has solid experience from the dental care industry and is a visionary and technological innovator. With extensive experience from both Public Dental Care in Sweden and the private sector, he has, among other things, been manager of twenty clinics and contributed to developing the dental industry in Sweden over the past 35 years.

Jens Lætgaard


Jens Lætgaard has extensive experience in creating content and producing videos in dental surgery. His clinical videos show everything from advanced to simpler surgical treatments in an educational way.

Marija Darwish

Dental Hygienist

Marija Darwish is a dedicated and experienced dental hygienist who is proud of her profession. Marija has worked for more than 9 years at the University of Copenhagen, department of periodontology as a research dental hygienist with various research projects and treatment of aggressive periodontitis patients. Have experience of teaching dental hygienist students & dental students at Malmö University. Marija works as a dental hygienist manager at the Implant Clinic Copenhagen and is undertaking a leadership training. Ambassador for TePe, freelance writer and lecturer in health promotion and prevention. 

Emir Alic


Jens Laetgaard

Creative director / DIP IMP. DDS

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