Live streamed surgery on tooth removal

Sep 2, 2022, Clinic Academy will live stream an online course on tooth extraction surgery via our live stream channel The hands-on course will be conducted by surgeons Jens Lætgaard and Mats Gade Philipson at the Himmelev Tandlægehus clinic in Roskilde, Denmark.

Surgical tooth extraction is still a big part of dental life

As a dental professional, you have a lot on your plate and becoming a great dentist isn’t just about drilling and filling. You have proven to be skilful and competent, but it’s time to take your practice to the next level. Dentists also need to be skilled at surgical procedures such as teeth removal. Even after decades of practice, surgical tooth extraction is still a big part of dental life.

A stressful procedure

For some reason, many dentists don’t like to admit how stressful it can be to remove teeth. The patient’s age and medical history, a complicated restorative situation where removal access is difficult, there might be inadequate support for the tooth to remain in place, or even bad nerves can get the best of us. Our dentists have seen some patients so scared they can’t even sit still, which is why I am sure there is more than one dentist dealing with similar challenges.

Clinic Academy’s online course with four live surgeries

In this live-streamed on-site course, you will witness four surgeries live. You’ll learn ways to make surgical tooth extraction a smooth procedure. With the right preparation, you will be able to reduce your patient’s stress levels and help your own confidence as well. It’s good to know what impression material our dentists recommend and which would be the one they would use in their daily practice. You can observe first-hand how every aspect of a tooth removal surgery is handled.

Read more about the course at

You will be able to view the entire course for 30 days on the Clinic Academy learning platform. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to continue learning and developing your dental skills with 1500+ online digital courses, webinars and interactive learning.

The course is hosted by Clinic Academy in collaboration with DentaNet, Himmelev Tandlægehus, and Klinikproduktion.

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