Mandatory CE points or continuing education for dentists?

During the spring, we were able to follow the debate in Tandläkartidningen about whether dentists in Sweden should be covered by the mandatory requirement for continuing education to retain a dentist’s ID, or whether this should be done on a voluntary basis. Link to the dental journal.

Virtually the whole of Europe includes some form of compulsory continuing education while continuing education for dentists in Sweden is voluntary.

Through Clinic Academy’s digital learning platform, dentists can acquire knowledge for both voluntary and compulsory continuing education. After completing and passing the course at Clinic Academy, a certificate, certificate or more formal CE credits are obtained according to international standards.

The online e-learning platform also contains material for all professionals in the dental care industry. We believe that everyone can and should improve their knowledge, therefore we offer continuing education for the entire dental team.

If you want to know more about how dental staff can develop their knowledge with the help of our digital learning environment Clinic Academy, feel free to contact us and we will tell you more. You can reach us at

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