Live streamed surgery on tooth removal

Sep 2, 2022, Clinic Academy will live stream an online course on tooth extraction surgery via our live stream channel The hands-on course will be conducted by surgeons Jens Lætgaard and Mats Gade Philipson at the Himmelev Tandlægehus clinic

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Clinic Academy mobile continuing education in dentistry_2022

The future of learning

Knowledge flows around us, but how do we maximize our learning and how will we learn in the future? It is of course difficult to predict, but the tendency is that digital tools and teaching materials where the user can

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Dental training post Covid-19

Further training of post-corona dental staff

One question many ask themselves is how it will be in the future with conferences and training after the pandemic. Will these continue to be done digitally? Will we return to physical encounters or will some form of hybrid between

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What is a digital LMS platform?

LMS platform, e-Learning, digital learning platform and educational platform The LMS platform is often called a learning platform – and that’s exactly what it is! LMS stands for learning management system. It is a system that enables online learning completely adapted

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