Further training of post-corona dental staff

One question many ask themselves is how it will be in the future with conferences and training after the pandemic. Will these continue to be done digitally? Will we return to physical encounters or will some form of hybrid between digital and physical become practice?

The pandemic has taught us that a lot works well digitally. Both, training, conferences and various meetings have been held digitally. But, do we not long to return to the physical encounter?

Yes, many of us do. Of course, it can feel comfortable to be able to take important meetings in soft pants, but physical interpersonal meetings are extremely important for our well-being as well as output regardless of which industry you are active in.

We at Clinic Production believe that in the future we will use more digital tools that will complement physical training and meetings. Dental staff always meet customers and patients live – then it may well be appropriate that further training for dental staff can take place digitally.

If you want to know more about how dental staff can develop their knowledge with the help of our digital learning environment Clinic Academy, feel free to contact us and we will tell you more. You can reach us at info@clinicproduction.com.

Dental training post Covid-19

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