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Clinic Academy is a training platform that makes structured training materials available to professionals in the dental industry.

No, it is not binding. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Yes you can. We have applications for Iphone and Android. The app is called Go Learn which you can find in Google Play and in the App store.

On this page we have previous live webinars that are available for a certain period after they have taken place.

A digital learning platform, also called LMS or e-learning, is a digital environment.

An LMS means you have an online tool to efficiently manage employee training, development, and engagement—your modern learning solution.

An LMS is a website where your organization can put its training materials, frequently used documents, and communicate directly with your people. Plus, modern learning platforms are cloud-based. That allows your people access to critical information at the moment of need wherever they are.

Each employee has their own individual profile in an LMS. Your LMS administrator operates the site. They make sure content is updated, organized, and easy-to-find. The admin is able to assign material to employees—individually or in groups, organized by profile fields like job title or location.

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Clinic Academy takes the protection of personal data very seriously and handles your organization’s personal information confidentially in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Your personal data is encrypted when communicated over the internet and when stored.

An Enterprise License grants a customer the right to provide unlimited company-wide access to licensed courses for a specific audience size.

A Singel-User License grants customers the right to provide limited access to licensed courses for a specific audience size. Singel-User licenses are not transferable from one learner to another.

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