The future of learning

Knowledge flows around us, but how do we maximize our learning and how will we learn in the future? It is of course difficult to predict, but the tendency is that digital tools and teaching materials where the user can access material on their own terms, are what is increasingly in demand. This is what is often called e-Learning.

Interesting, engaging and flexible e-Learning

Ok, so e-Learning. How should it then be designed for it to reach its recipient and be efficient? We at Clinic Academy are convinced that learning must be interesting, engaging and flexible. Our ambition, which is certainly very high, is that we also want to compete with ordinary social entertainment. When you have a few minutes left and scroll in different flows, which is not so knowledge-bringing, we mean that you could just as easily scroll through clinical videos, webinars with the most famous speakers in the industry, ie activities that contribute to your learning!

Digital learning platform for all staff in the dental industry

Clinic Academy offers through the digital learning platform e-Learning for everyone who works in dentistry! This means that you as an employee within a dental care organization can take part in countless amounts of training material. We have short core video sequences and the ability to connect exactly where you left off last. We are constantly developing our services so that they meet the modern, curious person’s demand for modern learning.

Clinic Academy mobile continuing education in dentistry_2022

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